ESL online classes

Hello lovely, hopefully soon-to-be students! Have you ever thought about taking online ESL classes? Do you want to improve your communication skills when travelling to an English-speaking country? Then check out my online courses available for students all over the world and join our wonderful community today.

Who are the ESL courses for?

Our ESL courses are for adult non-native speakers wanting to improve their English fluency and English skills. You can be at any level, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There is a course out there to suit each of our students, whether you’re at university and in education or whether you’re a working professional.

What do you receive in the online courses?

1) Video lessons, complete with PDFs and mindmaps.

2) Interactive quizzes to help you practise what you have learnt in the lessons.

3) A focus on real-life English vocabulary used daily to boost your speaking skills.

4) Bespoke pronunciation lessons created by our teachers.

5) English grammar explained to you in a fun, bite-sized way.

6) Access to a friendly online community to practise your English language skills.

7) Personalised feedback in our VIP package, from teachers with over 90 years experience in teaching English. 

8) The autonomy to learn English as a second language at your own pace in your own time

What do you need for the courses?

As the English courses are online, you only need a computer or a laptop and a good internet connection.

Sounds amazing, right?

Take a look through all of our amazing courses here and choose what suits you.

Need to know your level?

No worries, we have that sorted. Take this level placement test to complete registration and to be matched with your perfect online program.