Words with silent letters in English

Hello lovely students! Today we're going to be learning all about silent letters, and just to warn you, there are so many English words with silent letters. I'm talking about numerous amounts
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ESL online classes

Hello lovely, hopefully soon-to-be students! Have you ever thought about taking online ESL classes? Do you want to improve your communication skills when travelling to an English-speaking country? Then check out my online courses available for students all over the world and join our wonderful community today. Who are the ESL courses for? Our ESL […]
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Size synonyms

Hello lovely students, and welcome to today’s lesson on size synonyms. During this lesson, I’ll be going over synonyms of the word ‘size’ and size-related words such as big, small, long and short, and their synonyms too. It will be a lesson that’ll boost your vocabulary from simple to advanced when it comes to all […]
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Top 25 commonly confused words

Hello lovely students. Today I’m going to be going through some of the most commonly confused words in the English language with you. All the words in the comprehensive list below sound alike, but trust me, they aren’t. They all have different meanings but are easily confused, even with advanced speakers who sometimes say the […]
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30 fun idioms for kids

Hello lovely students! Have you ever heard something in English before and thought, “What does that mean?” Chances are, if you did, it was an idiom. What is an idiom, you ask? An idiom is a group of words with a meaning that differs from the literal meaning of the individual words. Idioms are figurative […]
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Emotion words

Hello lovely students! Today I will show you something about emotions and how we express them in English. You may already know a few, such as happy, angry and sad. But what about other emotions and their synonyms? They’re worth knowing, too, and will help you to expand your vocabulary. I have a long list of […]
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50 most common phrases in English (with examples)

Hello lovely students! Are you tired of saying the same thing repeatedly in English? Phrases like “How are you?” or “goodbye” (which is rarely used in conversation). Do you wish for something a bit more natural sounding? Fortunately for you, I’ve put together an excellent list of common English phrases used almost every day by […]
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What is a collocation?

Hello lovely students! Today I’m going to be going over collocations with you. Collocations are two or more words that fit perfectly together when spoken or written. Are you ready to find out more about them? Let’s get started. Collocation meaning and what they consist of The word collocation has two definitions in the Cambridge […]
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How to get a British accent in 7 steps

Hello lovely students! Today I’ll be showing you a thing or two about British accents and how to get one. Before I start, I want to inform you that many British accents exist in and around the UK. However, when people think of a British accent, they tend to think of Received Pronunciation, which is […]
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Pronunciation practice

Hello lovely students! I’ve got a treat in store for you today. Do you sometimes find that pronunciation in English is difficult? Are there any English words at all that seem like tongue twisters? If that’s the case, then English language learners rejoice: I’ve prepared this article with you in mind. No matter what your […]
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