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Learn English online with me Lucy and build on your English language skills with my helpful English language courses.

Designed with English learners in mind, my specially-designed course content will help you improve your English fluency through reading skills, listening skills, writing skills, English pronunciation, English vocabulary, English grammar and English speaking.

You’ll learn everything from common expressions to tricky grammar as well as networking skills, business English, and job interview preparation to help feel confident in your new career. All the skills are covered.

My online English courses will make you feel like you can conquer anything

What’s included in online courses with English with Lucy?

1) Video lessons.

2) All course materials and resources including PDFs, activities and mindmaps.

3) Formal and informal vocabulary to improve your English language skills, especially when visiting an English-speaking country and talking to native speakers.

4) A fun but informative approach to English language learning.

5) Access to a free and friendly online community.

7) Feedback from our teachers who have a combined total of 86 years of teaching.

Whether English is a new language to you, you are at an intermediate level or you are beyond, it does not matter. These English lessons are for English language learners everywhere.

Choose your level and sign up today to one of my courses to study English, and learn new words at your own pace.

Do you not know your English level?

No worries, I have you covered. Take our level test here to see what level you are and what online English course is best for you. Watch the video below on my channel, English with Lucy for more information.