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Boost your English language skills and reach your personal English language goals by signing up for one of the many English online courses at English with Lucy.

My English-speaking courses will not only help you improve your fluency in English communication skills but they will also help you succeed in your personal learning goals.

Each video lesson produced for the course has been designed specifically with students and their needs in mind. There is a broad range of English courses at all CEFR levels and other courses, such as business English.

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You too can achieve great results with one of my courses

What can you expect from these online English courses?

1) An insight into English vocabulary used in daily life as opposed to only textbook English included to help you when you want to practice speaking English.

2) English pronunciation lessons for all those tricky English words.

3) Fun, informative English designed to equip you with listening skills, English speaking skills, English grammar, conversation skills and much more.

4) Feedback from our teachers who have a combined total of 86 years of teaching.

5) Entry to our online community where you can interact with other students.

6) Access to real-world content.

7) Dynamic course content and English learning resources from PDFs to mindmaps.

8) The autonomy to learn English speaking skills, including common expressions, at your own pace.

What can these courses help me with?

These courses suit everyone and anyone who wants to speak English fluently and confidently. If you find yourself struggling with the right words to use when speaking English and want to learn new words, if you want to talk confidently and if you want to be a fluent English speaker, then these English lessons are for you.

What level do I have to be?

You can be at any level even if English is a new language for you. Sign up if you are at intermediate level or even close to English fluency.

Help, I need to find out my level!

Don’t worry, I have you covered. Take my language level test here. I hope to see you soon.