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Most people have to practice parallel structure before they become champs. 
Once people master parallel  structure, they can do anything!  
 Parallel  structure is a collection of two or more items of the same grammatical structure. It might be a noun with another noun, a simple present tense verb with another simple present tense verb, an infinitive with another infinitive, adjectives with other adjectives, or other categories of grammatical structures strung together.
 If there are only two items, no comma is used.  If there are more than two items, a comma separates each item. The last item is preceded by a comma and the word "and."

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Some Examples of Parallel Structure


John ate a sandwich, a salad, a bowl of soup, and an apple.

Rick listened to rock and jazz.

finite verbs

We didn't know if we were coming or going. 

Consuelo washed the dishes, swept the floor, and dusted the cabinet.

Rubina will graduate and begin her new job in June. 

Jack makes coffee with one cup of water and one teaspoon of instant.  He drinks it with sugar.  

non-finite verbs

Javier tried to study and pass the exam.

Marie wants to visit New York, tour the museums, and dance in discos.

Living in Rome and visiting Rome are two different experiences. 

Meeting and shaking hand with Bob, Sandra knew they would be good friends.   


All men want to have a long, lean, sleek torso.

All women want to be thin, rich, and beautiful.


Joel does his work slowly and carefully.

Mike ran quickly, easily, and smoothly in the race.

prepositional phrases Walk around the corner, to the left , and up the hill.

I'll meet you at eight in the morning in front of the coffee shop by the train station. 

adverbial clauses When it was dark, when no cars were driving by, and when there was total silence, the thieves decided to make their move.