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Every clause has a finite verb phrase. 

 Every finite verb phrase has a main verb and an auxiliary verb. 



The combination of the main verb and the auxiliary verb is known as the

 finite verb phrase.



You can find the finite verb phrase by changing the tense of the clause.    

bullet John (has) (had) been working on his web site for two weeks. 
bullet Saundra (has) (had) taken three courses in philosophy.  
bullet My brother (moves) (moved) to New York in June.
bullet The class (has) (had) decided to meet twice a week. 
bullet (Did) (Does) Maria work in a supermarket?
bullet Maria (doesn't) (didn't) work at McDonald's. 
bullet Joe (studies) (studied) at night.
bullet Bob (spends) (spent) almost one thousand dollars on car repairs each year.
bullet The team (has) (had) won five games this season.
bullet The soccer team (hadn't) (hasn't) won the championship for eight years.  
bullet Sook (works) (worked) late at night. 
bullet Mahmud (was) (is) eating dinner.
bullet Irena (wasn't) (isn't) eating dinner.  She (was) (is) sleeping.
bullet My father (travels) (traveled) quite a bit each year.