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Prepositional Phrases

Let's talk about the main verb!

 The main verb in a clause can be identified as the word that describes the acts of doing, feeling, or experiencing.
 Learning to recognize the main verb in a clause is an important step in analyzing grammar!  You must be able to distinguish the main verb from the auxiliary verb. 

Jesse will talk to his teacher before class.

The friends have been talking for two hours.

Jesse and his teacher had been talking for two hours before school began!. 

Are you talking to me?

Don't talk to me now!  I'm busy!

We haven't talked in a long time!

Jesse and Allen always talk after school.

Jesse and Allen talked all afternoon.

Jesse and Allen are talking right now.

Jesse and Allen were talking  during the lunch break.

Allen talks with his friends every day.

Jesse doesn't talk with his friends during class time.

We have talked about this before.

They had talked about their plans before going on vacation.