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'scuse me!  You haven't mentioned infinitives!

You're right!  I keep getting them confused with the basic form. 

They're not the same!

The Basic Form

is the form from which all other forms are derived

is used with the auxiliary, DO.

is used with modals

The Infinitive

is marked by the addition of the functor (small word), to

is used as a non-finite verb form, a noun. 

is used to create the imperfect past tense. 

is used to create the continuous future.

bullet Does Dave work hard?
bullet Sean asks a lot of questions. (does ask)
bullet Sean will travel to Ireland next summer.
bullet Dave might stay late at work tonight.
bullet Dave likes to work hard.
bullet Sean used to ask a lot of questions.
bullet Sean plans to travel to Ireland next summer.
bullet Dave said he is going to stay late at work tonight. 
bullet I was going to visit China this year, but I changed my mind.