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The verb BE can be used as a main verb or as an auxiliary. 

When used as the main verb, it doubles as the auxiliary and the main verb. This is the only time in the English language when the main verb and the auxiliary verb are one and the same!

The verb BE is used as a main verb in two ways:

   with complements

Complements (adjectival phrases and nominal phrases) link  BE or other linking verbs with the subject of the clause. Complements are an important function of nouns and adjectives.

with a prepositional phrase

Prepositional phrases indicate time or location.  

The verb BE with a Complement 

Wanda is an instructor. She's knowledgeable about the verb BE. Her lesson about complements with the verb BE is valuable!   

The Verb Be with a Prepositional Phrase

Lena is above the Point in Pittsburgh. The Monongahela River is below her. Her English class was in the morning. The verb BE with prepositions was on the blackboard of her classroom as today's lesson.