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 Objective Tests

Examples of objective tests include:

Multiple Choice



Grading Objective Tests

Objective tests can easily be given a numerical value--a certain number of points for each answer.

Objective tests can best assist students if the material covered on the test is reviewed when the tests are returned to the students.

(1) Multiple choice tests

Test on verb tenses

  1. Yesterday, Robert (eats / ate / eat)  dinner at six o'clock.
  2. Tomorrow, I (went /  have gone  /  will go)  to New York.
  3. Before Shanna vacuums her room, she (dusted / dust / dusts)  her furniture.
  4. If summer comes early this year, we (will / would /  would)  go on vacation.
  5. If  you  (were / was / am)  smart,  you would not stay up late the night before an exam.    


(2) Dictation tests


The house painter lived in an apartment in New York.  The beautiful house where the mayor of the city lived was in the same town, but the house painter had never met the mayor.  

One day, the house painter was asked to paint a room in the mayor's house.  As he was entering the mayor's home, he met the mayor. The house painter bowed to the mayor, and the mayor stopped to talk to him. They talked for a half-hour. The house painter told the mayor that he lived in an apartment nearby.  

From that time on, they became the best of friends.  



by Tran Nguyen

The  ^ painter Live in ^ apartment in New York.  beautiful

house where mayor of the city lived is  ^ same ^ ,  but he didn't

meet the mayor. One day,  ^ ^ asked to paint a room in the mayor

 ^.  he  meEt the  mayor. ^  ^ Painter bowed  ^ the mayor  ^ ^

 mayor stopped to talk to  him. They talk  for half-hour.  ^ ^ painter

told ^ mayor that he lived in an apartment ^.    ^  ^   ^  ^ they ^ ^best

 ^ friends.  


^ = missing word = 23 (particularly functors)

red word = grammar error = 8 

major problem: verb tenses 

(3) Fill-in-the-blank tests

Every day, thousands of people jog. Why has jogging--running slowly for long distances--become so popular? Donald Robbins, who is forty-two years old, works in an office (1) _____ began jogging (2) _____ few years ago because (3) _____ felt that he was too fat.  At first he (4)  _____ run only about 100 yards and it took him almost three months to  be able to run a full mile.  But two years later, he ran in the Boston  Marathon, over twenty-six miles. Should  you jog, too?  If you decide to, be sure to ask your doctor  for advice.  Does jogging cost much? No, (5) _____  costs almost nothing.  Most people agree that good running shoes are very important (6) _____ protect your feet and legs from a shock of running on hard surfaces. If you start jogging, it could make your heart stronger and also help (7) _____ feel better (8) _____ yourself.    



(1) and   

(2) a   

(3) he   

(4) could   

(5) it   

(6) to    

(7) you   

(8 about   

grading: 8 points correct maximum

8 points                         excellent

7 points                         very good

6 points                         good

5 points                         fair

4 points or less:              failure