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What students  need to know about objective tests


It's good to sit next to Sam!

bullet The best way to do well on objective tests is to keep up with the class work from the very first day. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for the test. 
bullet Cheating is not a good idea; students often copy the mistakes of another student!
bullet Review class material regularly with other students. 
bullet  If you have a problem understanding the material, talk to the teacher about it.
bullet When a test is returned to you, take the time to review it.

Don't stop trying! Think of reasons why you didn't learn the material. Were you bored? Did you not prepare?. 


Talk to your teacher. Perhaps your teacher could give you additional help, or suggest another way you could learn the material.


There are memory tricks you might try. 


Study regularly with other students in your class.


Motivate yourself by thinking how good it would be to finally master the material.


If you don't do well...