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Fill in the blank tests can be very precise in their measurement of student's knowledge. Fill in the blank tests may be of two different types. The most difficult  requires the student to fill in a blank space. The second type, a matching answer test,  provides a choice of answers in a separate list, requiring the student to match question and answer. 


Some knowledge tested by fill-in-the-blank tests can be: 

  1. grammar
  2. vocabulary
  3. listening comprehension
  4. reading comprehension 

Hints for planning and taking a matching answer test

  1. The test is planned carefully so that there is only one possible correct answer for each blank space. 

  2. If a matching answer list is provided, students can try to achieve the correct answer by the process of elimination. 

Example: Match the numbers with the letters

(1) things we wear          (a) food

(2) things we eat             (b) clothes

(3) things we write with   (c) pen and pencils