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spelling vowels


spelling examples


east, be, peak, sea, Caesar, thief, receive, compete, machine, subpoena people                                             


build, business, pick, it, gift, myth, women


ate, able, rate, play, stay, gay, game, grade, stain, steak, they, veil, lake, Mary


best, berry, any, says, said, bury, fare, fair, pear, merry, dairy


bat, man, class, branch


hot, knot, Gothic, box


caught, waffle, awful, brought, often, author


boat, float, orphan


foot, , soot, put


ooze, boot, soup, sue, suit  


unit, feud, beauty, few, view, eulogy, you


out, ouch, about


I, sight, my, die


boy, toy, employ                                                               


cup, under, such, judge, come, flood, rough, about, geography, aroma, Nevada, April, anvil, commence, bacon, chorus, column, Pennsylvania, the

/j/ + other vowels

yes, yet, jet, yellow, unit, yikes!, yang, ying, yippie, yeah


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