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spelling consonants


spelling examples


pill, spill, rip, supper, hopper, shepherd, pneumonia, psychology, ripe                                                               


Bob, rub, rubber, robber, doubt, comb, lamb, robe             


mat, campus, sum, summer, come


this, that, these, those, father, weather, baths, mouths, bathe

  /T/   ether, thunder, bath, thrift, mouth, author


force, surf, suffer, sheriff, photograph, pharmacy, rough,    wife, safe


view, seven, Stephen, valve, wives, saves


to, take, time, instead, plateau, pat, mutt, putt,  Thomas, plate, state,  looked 


writer butter rider, ladder, sudden


door, rid, ride, slide, loved, played


see, insight, looks, seeps, message, pass, century, percent, race, receive, deceive, scent, science, schism,  waltz, box 


zone, dizzy, buzz, fuzz, pays, loans, dissolves, toes, does, rose,  cloze, xylophone, exit, execute


nun, sent, run,  penny, sunny


light, low, law, plenty, kneel, peel, allow, fellow, fall, calm, salmon, walk, role                                                  


red, scream, very, soar, merry, marry, colonel, fear, fair, for, fur


she, sugar, mission, pressure, show, fish, machine, schist, conscience,  anxious, vicious, nation, motion


treasure, measure, pleasure, azure, bijoux, rouge, mirage, vision


church, chime,  train


just, judge, giant, magic, gym, gyroscope, generous, gem, manage, mirage


yeast, yea!,  yacht, yogurt, use, you, young, youth


kill, cat, mix, tax, quilt, quiet, quit, khaki, chorus, pick, sick,  know, knife   


gag, bag, beggar, bigger, ghost,  gnome, gnaw, Gnostic,


finger, anger, hunger, thing, sing


west, aware, swell, guava, suave, quiet, choir, saw


when, which, what, where, why, who, whom


house, history, his, her

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