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Simple sentences consist of one independent clause.

If a sentence has more than one clause, it is not a simple sentence.

David was hungry when he came home from workDavid was hungry.

Dependent clauses cannot create simple sentences.  One independent clause creates a simple sentence.

When he came home from work. He came home from work.

 A simple sentence usually contains one subject and one verb.

David was hungry.

 A simple sentence may be a clause with a compound subject and / or a compound verb.  

David and Lisa ate and drank.


Examples of Simple Sentences  

 . Every subject has been written in blue. Every verb has been written in red.


Berries are a fragile fruit.

Raspberries and strawberries can soften and rot quickly.

On the other hand, apples and pears are stronger.

They have a longer life.

Pineapples and bananas are tropical fruits. 

They may last a long time.


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