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Compound sentences are independent clauses that are connected to each other by a coordinator. 

Compound clauses may share the same subjects or verbs.



Louise and Josh wanted to celebrate their anniversary, so they ate dinner at the restaurant where they had their first date.


Coordinators are small words that connect equal parts of speech.

Coordinators are sometimes called conjunctions.

Compound sentences are formed by joining two independent clauses with a coordinator.


Conjunctions are listed below. Each conjunction carries a unique meaning.







Remember that coordinators may connect word to word, phrase to phrase, or clause to clause.


 In the passage below, those coordinators that connect independent clauses are written in red

 Pay close attention to the separation of each clause from the other by a comma. 

What is your favorite fruit, and how do you like to eat it? My brother likes berries, but I like citrus fruits, and my sister loves melons. There are just too many good fruits, so it is good to mix them!    

Most fruits begin to soften quickly, so care must be taken in their shipping and handling. Of course, there are differences in their ability to remain in perfect condition, and farmers and truckers must be aware of  those differences. For example, raspberries are a fragile fruit, but pears are stronger. Raspberries must be packaged and sold immediately, for they soften and rot quickly. Pears have a longer life, so the process of packaging and marketing is not so stressful. Tropical fruits such as pineapples and bananas have a relatively long life, so they may be shipped long distances. 

Tropical fruits are always popular. They are very sweet and juicy, so they are perfect for hot climates. Summer fruits provide a perfect light desert or snack for the warm weather, yet apples and pears are a perfect compliment to the cool weather of fall. Many people enjoy baked apples and pears on cold winter nights, and oranges and grapefruits in January, but are glad to see the fresh berries and melons of summer. The weather may be hot, or cold, yet fruits are always welcome and enjoyable.           

You may think that all spoiled fruits must be thrown out, but they may be used to make delicious compotes, breads, and cakes. I have great recipes for banana bread and pineapple upside-down cake, and I will be happy to send them to you from my e-mail! 

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