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                                        Making Indirect Quotes  

The contract reads that the owner of the apartment  is required to keep all parts of the apartment in good repair at all times.


 A rendition of the idea or the approximate words someone has said or written is called an indirect quote.
 Indirect quotes are treated differently than direct quotes. 

Click here for changing indirect quotes and direct quotes.

Rules for Indirect Quotations

No quotation marks are used.

Quotation marks enclose only the exact words that someone has spoken or written. 

John asked the landlord when he could fix the leaking roof.

No comma is used to separate the paraphrase from the rest of the sentence.

If the quote is not the final part of a sentence, a comma is enclosed after the quoted words and before the quotation marks .

The landlord said that he couldn't fix the leaking roof today, but that he planned to fix it tomorrow.   

Using the period

The sentence containing the paraphrase is followed by a period.

John told him that he couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Verb tense

The verb in the paraphrase clause is usually in the past tense.   

The landlord insisted that it was impossible to fix the leaking roof before tomorrow.