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     Identify the correct use of pronouns:

          SAMPLE QUESTION: My mother gave a beautiful gift to my husband and I.   

          correct change to me.

1. The president talked to my brother and myself for a long while.

correct change to me. 

2. The person who phoned you last night was me

 correct change to I  Both me and I are used and commonly accepted.

3. These dogs are mine.

correct change to my

4.  Make yourself at home.   

correct change to yourselves  It depends upon the number of people you are addressing.

5. Visiting my father the hospital was helpful to his recovery.   

reflexive possessive

6. I appreciate you helping me out. 

correct change to your

7. We enjoyed listening to the music.

gerund infinitive

8. Sometimes Jack sees him on vacation at the seashore.    

correct change to himself

9. I believed her to be innocent.


        10. It's I.

         correct change to me.  both I and me are used

Write a paragraph about your family using the correct form of pronouns

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