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Prepositional phrases express location, time, direction, possession, or instrument.   


prepositional phrase

type of preposition

Put the key on the desk. on the desk location
The church is beyond the bank. beyond the bank location
Jane will meet you at eight o'clock. at eight o'clock time
Jack drove to the airport. to the airport direction
Go into the room and sit down. into the room direction
Hang your jeans in the closet. in the closet location
Centerville is twenty miles to the west. to the west location
Be sure to turn in your report before five o'clock. before five o'clock time
Are you going to travel during the holiday season? during the holiday season time
The mayor of the city officiated at the ceremony. of the city

at the ceremony



The voters of Florida were confused by the butterfly ballots.  of Florida

by the butterfly ballots

description / possession


The statue of the Pieta was carved by Michelangelo. of the Pieta

by Michelangelo

description / possession


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