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Adverbs are found in phrases. 


English sentences are understood by word order.  

Adverb phrases include intensifiers and adverbs. 

Adverb phrases must obey a strict word order; however, their placement in the clause depends on the type of adverb.  



Rhonda always likes to read. She usually reads mystery stories.



adverb of frequency

The adverb is placed before the verb. 




Rhonda carefully follows the plot of every mystery story she reads.

Rhonda follows the plot of every mystery she reads very carefully .

Rhonda happily reads the plot of each mystery story. 

Very happily, Rhonda reads the plot of each mystery story .



-ly adverb phrases may include intensifiers

 The adverb is placed in the predicate.

 If it is moved before the subject, it is followed by a comma.

Rhonda reads very well.


non -ly adverb may include intensifiers

The adverb is placed after the verb.

In addition to the above restrictions of word order, remember: the intensifier precedes the adverb!