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English sentences are understood by word order.

Adjectives phrases occur within a noun phrase.

 Adjectives occur in phrases.  

The adjective phrase precedes the noun, but comes after the determiner.

the noun phrase: the roses

the adjective phrase: red

the red roses  

Adjective phrases often contain a single adjective.

The single adjective is wonderful

Children like to read wonderful stories.




Adjective phrases may include intensifiers.

very, extremely


That very old book is an extremely valuable family treasure. 



An adjective phrase may contain a number of adjectives. 

When this happens, the adjectives are ordered according to classification, or the information they impart! The adjective order in this sentence is (1) size, (2) quality, (3) age) (4) color (5) origin / nationality.


The very large, valuable, ancient, red, Chinese vase fell and shattered into many pieces.  


Remember the word order: intensifier--adjective