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singular vs. plural  

Number agreement  exists between

subjects - verbs,  nouns - articles,

 nouns - pronouns, and 

nouns - adjectives.

English number agreement requires agreement between 

a pronoun and its referent noun (noun-pronoun agreement)

subject and verb (subject-verb agreement)

noun and complement (noun and noun / noun and adjective agreement)

Here are some examples of English number agreement. 

Can you identify the examples of noun-pronoun agreement, subject-verb agreement, and noun and complement agreement? 

John is a private in the army. His experience in boot camp was exhausting.    

Bob and James are captains in the Air Force. They learned to fly in 2006. 

Gary always looks for good restaurants with reasonable prices. His friends think he is very knowledgeable about  good places to eat.                                                                                              

Peter and Linda always look for a good restaurant with reasonable prices. It has to have great food and a lively atmosphere.      

Sam was a good driver until he began to drink. Since his problem with alcohol began, he has been involved in three accidents.                                                                                                                 

Louisa and Lydia are excellent cooks. They  learned to cook in the Culinary Arts Institute of Hyde Park. 

Examples of Spanish agreement

Juana tiene ojos morenos. 

Juana y Jorge tienen el pelo rubio.


Examples of French agreement

Nous sommes francais, mais ils sont americans.

C'est la porte.