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     Identify the following nominals:

          SAMPLE QUESTION: John was elected class president last May.   

          proper nouns common nouns

1. Most of the apples in the barrel are rotten.

count noun non-count noun 

2. I've decided not to travel to Mexico this summer. 

 infinitive gerund

3. There are many interesting churches in this small village.

noun clauses noun phrases

4.  Where did Samuel place the hammer?   

subject noun object noun

5. Visiting the cathedral was the best part of the tour of the city.   

finite verb phrase with object non-finite verb phrase with object

6. Jack, who runs five miles every day, is very thin.

nominal clause adjectivial clause

7. We enjoyed listening to the music.

non-finite verb phrase finite verb phrase

8. Why don't you come to my home for dinner this evening?   

objects of the verb objects of prepositions

9. Milk quickly goes sour if it is left out in the summer heat.

count nouns non-count nouns
  • 10. I like to add pecans and walnuts to my cooking.

                count nouns non-count nouns

  • Write a paragraph about your favorite season of the year using both count and non-count nouns:

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