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Take the  test on gerunds and infinitives

SAMPLE QUESTION:  The professor suggested _______________ ten new words a day.

learning to learn

1. My husband and I postponed _______________ our vacation.

planning to plan

2. The students decided _______________ on a field trip.

going to go

3. Maria expected _______________ first prize in the contest.

winning to win

4. Bob has _______________ a new pair of shoes.

buying to buy

5. Yesterday, Sarah forgot _______________ her cat.

feeding to feed

6. Every week, Jack remembers _______________ his mother. 

phoning to phone

7. Roberto and Marisol wanted _______________ a big wedding.

having to have

8. My brother asked me _______________ smoking.

stopping to stop

9. I stopped _______________ the next day.

smoking to smoke
10. _________________ is my favorite sport.
skiing to ski

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