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Literacy is the key that opens doors for you!

While speaking a language is as natural to humans as walking, the ability to read and write is a more difficult endeavor. Reading and writing must be learned, and the problems involved in learning to read and write are complex. Mastery of reading and writing  takes many years of study and practice. Many of the world's people never learn to read and write. In fact, only five-percent of the languages of the world have ever developed a writing system!

Why are reading and writing so difficult? 

First, the grammar used when we speak is not the same grammar used in writing. For example, we speak in fragments and use a great many informal phrases and words that make our speech natural. In writing, we use only complete sentences and more formal phrasing and grammar. 

Secondly, punctuation, word separation, and upper and lower case letters must be attended to in writing. Imagine a stream of words without punctuation and case distinction; it would be unintelligible! Try to read the following paragraph; the reasons for the rules of capitalization and punctuation will become apparent. 

whilespeakingalanguageisasnaturalto humansaswalkingtheabilitytoreadandwriteisamore difficultendeavorreadingandwritingmustbelearnedandtheproblemsinvolvedinlearningto readandwritearecomplexmasteryofreadingandwritingtakesmanyyearsofstudyand practicemanyoftheworldspeopleneverlearntoreadandwriteinfactonlyfivepercentofthe languagesoftheworldhaveeverdevelopedawritingsystem

Thirdly, in the English language, the problem of spelling is formidable. Misspellings are considered to be a mark of incomplete literacy. Learning the basic rules of spelling is a step that will reap great rewards for your writing and will make your life easier.   

Literacy does not guarantee anyone a good job or more money. Literacy enables people to do more with their lives and opens the door for opportunities that would not be available without it.