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      Identify the following clause types and sentences.

 SAMPLE QUESTION:  Because Joe had bought a new watch, he was able to arrive on time.  

          adjectivial clause  adverbial clause

1. Are you going to stay at the party or do you want to go home?

compound sentence complex sentence 

2. I've read the book you are talking about.

 adjectivial clause adverbial clause

3. Where did I put my wallet?

independent clause dependent clause

4. Sheila was tired after she biked thirty miles.   

compound sentence complex sentence

5. Detroit, where I was born, is still the heart of the automobile industry.  

adverbial clause adjectivial clause

6. Jack, who runs five miles every day, is very thin.

restrictive clause non-restrictive clause

7. Sue is eating in the cafeteria, but Helen is eating on the patio.

compound sentence complex sentence

8. Our football team  tried very hard to win the game, but by seven points.  

compound sentence simple sentence

9. Mothers who work outside the home sometimes have difficulty with their busy schedules.

restrictive clause non-restrictive clause

         10. What are you doing?

          dependent adjectivial clause  independent clause


Rewrite the following paragraph using different combinations of clauses and sentence types:

Sam likes movies with action, with plane crashes and car chases.  One of his favorite movies was the Bourne Ultimatum   His girlfriend, Mary, prefers romance movies.  One of her favorite movies was The Bridges of Madison County.  Therefore, Sam and Mary have a difficult time making a date to go to the movie theatre. Thankfully, they both enjoy science fiction films.  Not surprisingly, the movie they most enjoyed watching together was Avatar; it contained romance and action, and the 3D effects were amazing.  Perhaps 3D science fiction will turn out to be a popular movie format, but movie directors will still have to remember to include romance and action in their plots.  

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