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Sam and James get along with each other.

Roberta was stood up by Mike. She's going to get even with him!

Phrasal Verbs with  GET

...a move on It's late. We'd best get a move on!

...about The professor got about the business of teaching.

...along (with) (1)The line is moving! Get along! (2) Jack doesn't get along with his boss. 

...after Rob's mother will get after him for coming home late.

...ahead To get ahead in business, you have to work hard.

...anywhere I'm not get anywhere in math.

...around Jackie has traveled to all five continents. She really gets around!

...at What was the lecturer getting at?

...away The robbers didn't get away with the crime.

...back The reporters got back at the politician who would not speak to them.

...behind  I'll get behind your idea!

...by We can get by with five hundred dollars.

...down (on) (1) Get down!  There's someone at the window! (2) Susana was down on her best friend.

...even (with) The employee got even with his boss.

...home Eva got home late yesterday. 

...into My brother always got into trouble.

...off How do you get off with cheating on a test?

...on Don't stop! Get on with your work!

...one's goat My best friend gets my goat when she doesn't want to go out on Saturday night. 

...one's hand on Just wait 'till I get my hands on my son!

...one's hooks on I'd like to get my hooks on the person who stole my wallet.  

...out from under Get out from under debt.

...out of hand The problem is getting out of hand.

...out of sight The criminals tried to get out of sight of the police.

...over It's tough to get over a love affair.

...religion The preacher got religion when he was a teenager.

...somewhere Trisha is getting somewhere in her studies!

...the hook Yesterday, Jack got the hook at his job. 

...there You can't get there from here.

...through The family get through tough times.

...to How do I get to the art museum?

...together Let's get together for lunch. 

...up I get up at six o'clock.

...with  Get with the program.