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 In the two excerpts below, identify each indefinite article, definite article, possessive demonstrative, or plural. 



Although bull elephants (male elephants) live solitary lives and roam unattached to a group, cow elephants (female elephants) are gregarious. Cow elephants stay together in herds to protect their young calves and carefully watch over their offspring. Should anything happen to a mother cow, other cows will nurse the orphaned elephant. In this picture, the cow tenderly caresses her calf.  


Although lions hunt and roam together in prides, or groups, they form family units. The female is expected not only to care for her young, but also to hunt for her mate. When a female makes a kill, it is the male who eats first. It is considered to be very bad manners if a female lion feeds before her mate has eaten! 

Not every male lion is lucky enough to have a mate. The male lion must often hunt if he wishes to eat. These male lions are prowling, searching for their prey. 


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