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San plays the violin very well. Her expression while playing the Beethoven concerto was extremely varied and her technique was quite accurate. 



 Intensifiers are words that are often mistaken for adjectives or adverbs.

They are not adjectives or adverbs, but words that indicate an intensification of what the adjective or adverb expresses. For example, if you have not eaten all day, at the end of the day, you may not be hungry; you may be really hungry! 

 very: John performed very poorly on his exam.

extremely: Today, the weather was extremely hot and humid. 

 too: After dinner, I was too exhausted to study any more.  

exceedingly: The school orchestra played exceedingly well.  

a little: Mary and Elizabeth were a little disappointed that class was cancelled.  

somewhat: We were somewhat surprised that John did not win the prize.   

slightly: The new model of the Jeep Cherokee is slightly smaller than the older one. 

unusually: The winter has been unusually warm. 

really: The symphony's performance last night was really outstanding!