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Carlos and Jennifer want to learn to communicate with each other.

They need to learn how words function.

Here are some problems they encounter.





T itanic


      the movie    




Gambling wins Jack a ticket to New York on the Titanic. 

(What functions as the subject?)


On her way to New York, Rose boards the Titanic.  

(Why doesn't the subject of the clause come first?)


Though Rose doesn't love her fiancÚ, they watch the ocean from the deck of the Titanic.   

(What are the subjects and predicates of this sentence?)



Rose's fiancÚ gives her a blue diamond necklace named "the heart of the ocean." There are many carets in the stone.

  (What is "there are?")

Jack takes Rose dancing.

(What's the verb?  What's the "action " word?)


Rose and Jack fall in love.

(What's the verb?)

The Titanic hits an iceberg.

(Why is this sentence best as it is--in active voice?)


The Titanic sinks. Though Rose survives, Jack dies saving her.

(What are the verbs?  What are the "action " words?)



Carlos buys Jennifer a blue diamond. 

Jennifer and Carlos study functional grammar to communicate happily ever after.