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  • These charts and exercises are designed to be used as exercises by ESL instructors teaching beginning-level or survival-level classes. 
  • To use the charts and exercises in this unit, follow the instructions below.
  • The house may be used to introduce students to the vocabulary of rooms, furniture, and appliances. There is a practice exercise in English measurement with the house section.
  • Choose sewing, cooking, or carpentry activities and vocabulary according to the interests and abilities of your class.
  • The conversion chart may be used for sewing, cooking, or carpentry activities to understand measurement changes from metric to English, and vice-versa.
  • The categories of food and menus and meals sections may be used with the cooking sections, or may be used on their own for further vocabulary expansion.  
  • First Street is a map of the town, Greenville.  It contains streets, road signs, important public buildings, and housing numbers. It offers an excellent opportunity to introduce map reading to your students.
  • Schedule is a suggested vocabulary list for students to learn.  It will be updated monthly/
  • With a copy machine, the teacher may create a textbook or folder for each student.
  • With the illustrations, vocabulary, and exercises, plan your class and homework according to the needs of your class.