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The Day I Was Late for Class

My English class begins at nine o'clock every week-day morning. I usually walk to school. I had set my alarm clock to ring at seven o'clock, but the power failed last night, and my alarm didn't ring this morning. Instead, I awoke at eight-thirty. 

I have been in tough situations before, but never a situation like this; I have never worried so much as I worried this morning. Could I think of an excuse to give to my professor? Should I bother to go to school at all? Would I receive a lower grade because I had overslept? 

"I can get through this," I told myself. "I don't oversleep as a habit. I shall hurry to class and explain the situation. The teacher will understand."

I was going to pack a lunch, but there was no time. It would have been nice to have had the time to dress carefully, but that was not possible. I should have had time to eat a good breakfast and to take a leisurely shower, but time was not on my side.    

  to be continued by you...

Did you end up skipping school? If so, what did you do? 


Did you finally get to school?  What happened when you walked into the classroom?  Was your teacher understanding or angry?  


Use your imagination and writing skills to complete this story. Practice using dialogue with quotes.