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Create compound sentences from these simple sentences.  

Some bananas are soft and sweet, but other bananas  are hard and tasteless.  Bananas come in various sizes, from very large "plantains" to very small "domingos," and they are popular in all tropical diets.   

Pineapples look like a rough piece of wood with a top of green foliage. The interior fruit of the pineapple is a juicy surprise! Many pineapples are grown in Hawaii. Others come from Central America. 


The colors of apples vary from yellow, to green, to red. Apples are a fruit that boasts over one hundred varieties! Some apples are perfect for eating raw.  Other varieties of apples are perfect for cooking.      


Four different kinds of berries are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and  blueberries. They have very  different flavors, colors and shapes.  Berries grow in cool climates.  The two states that produce many of the berries in the United States are Michigan and New Jersey.


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