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OK! I know about adverbial subordinators;  however, what's an adverbial coordinator?

Adverbial semicolon coordinators, sometimes known as adverbial coordinators, connect equal independent clauses that are closely related to each ether through meaning or cause and effect. They function like a period, but different rules apply. The independent clauses they introduce do not begin with a capital letter.

The clauses separated by adverbial coordinators are best separated from each other by a semicolon because they carry a special relationship to each other.

 Adverbial coordinators are separated from the rest of the words in the clause by commas. If they begin or end the clause, only one comma is necessary; however, if they are placed in the middle of a clause, two commas are necessary. 


The novel is short; however, it is excellent!
The novel is short; it is, however, excellent.



The food at the picnic is wonderful ; moreover, the weather is clear.
The food at the picnic is wonderful; the weather, moreover, is clear.



It was raining; therefore, the picnic was cancelled.
It was raining; the picnic, therefore, was cancelled.



We skied six miles; furthermore, we hiked four miles more.
We skied six miles; we hiked four miles more, furthermore.