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Non-restrictive clauses are adjectival clauses that  supply information about the noun they refer to; however, this information is not necessary to understand a referent noun. The referent noun is unique. 

For example, there is one city of Los Angeles, one dancer whom we know as Marisol, and one dance called the Jarabe Tapatio. The information given in restrictive clauses is set apart from the independent clause by a comma because it is not necessary to identify the referent.






Marisol, who is twenty years old, dances every weekend with her friend, Consuelo.

Consuelo, who lives in San Diego, has to travel a long distance to practice with Marisol.

They dance with Juancito, who is Marisol's brother.

Marisol and Juancito live in Los Angeles, which is the second-largest city in the United States.

Sometimes, they travel into Tijuana, Mexico, where Marisol and Juancuito were born.