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The Old Man and the Woman

There was once a very old man who appeared to be over one hundred years old. It was a puzzle to many people who saw him how he had lived such a long life. What everyone wanted to do was to discover his secret for longevity. One day, a woman asked the old man to divulge his secret to her.

 He said to her, "It is not good health habits that keep me young. But there are many habits I have that I will share with you."

"Well," said the woman, "what are they?"

The man smiled. "What I do is the following: I never exercise, I smoke three cigars and drink a pint of whiskey every day. I eat foods that are full of fat, sugar, and salt."  

"How marvelous," said the woman. " I can enjoy life completely and live a long life. By the way, how old are you/"

"The man replied, proudly, "It just so happens that I am thirty-nine years old!"


Think of a good joke that you know.  Write it out using cleft sentences!