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Swimming and Love

Sam and Nancy rested after they had swum two miles..


  Adverbial clauses are clauses that function as adverbs. They provide information about when, why, or how something happens.



Do you recognize an adverbial clause? 

Adverbial clauses always begin with a word known as an adverbial subordinator. Adverbial subordinators create adverbial clauses.  Students often confuse adverbial clauses, which are dependent clauses, with complete sentences. When adverbial clauses are used without an independent clause, the construction is called a fragment.

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Where do you place the adverbial clause? 

Adverbial clauses follow the main clause. Adverbial clauses may be moved precede the main clause. 

Follow the story of Sam and Nancy 

Sam and Nancy rested together on the beach after they had swum two miles. As they talked, they realized that they liked each other. It would be wonderful if Sam and Nancy were to fall in love with each other!

Some Adverbial Subordinators
 Adverbial Movement