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     Identify the adverbials in the following sentences.

          SAMPLE QUESTION:  I felt excited when I went to Paris.  .

           adverbial phrase adverbial clause

1.. My mother was always prettier than my grandmother.

adverb of frequency adverb of time 

2.. Last night, the storm was frightening. There was a great deal of thunder and lightening.

 prepositional phrase of time adverb of frequency

3. Snow falls more gently than water.

comparative superlative

4. The fish swam quickly over the dam.  

-ly adverb change to quick

5. Susan is only seven years old, but she reads _______________.

well good

6. Father knows best.

superlative comparative

7. Father knows better than mother.

superlative comparative

8. Before I studied, I ate dinner. 

keep the comma omit the comma

9. I plan to take a long vacation in Italy this summer.   

prepositional phrase of location prepositional phrase of time both

          10.  I plan to take a long vacation to Italy.   

          prepositional phrase of location prepositional phrase of direction

Write four sentences using adverbials clauses.

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