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The English language has three future tense forms!  

OK!  But What does that mean?


The future tense can be formed with


THE FUTURE INDEFINITE. The modals will or shall and the basic form of the main verb and may be contracted to  'll.   

John will finish writing his English paper. 

Sarah will attend Harvard University.

 I shall never shop at that store again!

How will you solve the problem?

The baby will go to sleep soon.


THE FUTURE PRESENT TENSE. The present tense of be and the present participle, going, with  the infinitive form of the main verb.

Maria is going to take dancing lessons this winter. 

We are going to ride the subway to work this morning.

Is Bob going to travel to Ireland this summer?

Why are you going to travel to Ireland in the winter?


THE SIMPLE FUTURE  The simple present tense of the main verb and an adverbial that expresses future time. 

Sarah and Beth go to New York on Friday.

Next year,  I travel to Scotland.

The patient meets with the doctor next Monday.

Classes end May twenty-eighth.