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     Choose the correct form of adjectives in the following sentences.

         SAMPLE QUESTION:  I felt __________________  when I went to Paris. .

           exciting excited

1. My mother was __________________ than my grandmother.

more pretty prettier 

2. The storm was _________________..

 frightening frightened

3. Snow is ___________________ than water.

cold colder

4. The fish was too __________________. 

salty rainy

5. The periphrastic comparative and superlative is used when an adjective has _________________.

one syllable two syllablesthree or more syllables

6. The sunset this evening was _____________________.

spectacular more spectacular

7. The comparative of good is _____________________.

gooder better

8. The superlative of bad is _______________________.

the worst baddest

9. I know the _____________________ candidate will win the contest.   

best good
10. This month, the full moon looked __________________ to the earth. than the full moon last month,.   
close closer

Write four sentences using participle adjectives correctly.

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