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Adjectives describe nouns. They answer the questions what, which, who, and whom.


beautiful, ugly, plain, pretty, cute, handsome, gross, fit, out-of-shape, perfect, a ten, slick, with-it, cool, classy, classic, au-courant, smooth, weird, glamorous , slovenly, dirty, messy, unkempt, high-class, low-class, expensive, cheap



rainy, sunny, snowy, stormy, cloudy, icy, wet, humid, dry, foggy, steamy, windy, arctic, tropical, wintry, summery, spring-like, autumnal, fall-like, moderate, mild, temperate, muggy     



cold, hot, warm, tepid, cool, boiling, freezing, lukewarm, chilly, body-temperature, room-temperature, comfortable, uncomfortable, perfect, bone-chilling       



old, ancient, young, new-born, juvenile, middle-aged, twenty-something, fifty year-old, teen-aged, ageless, child-like, adult, mature, senior, junior, toddler, infant, adolescent, pubescent



sad, happy, tired, sleepy, wide-awake, angry, mad, hungry, thirsty, pensive, wistful, thoughtful, thoughtless, cautious, careful, careless, caring, uncaring, blue, up-beat, depressed, hurt, loving, ecstatic, relaxed, excited  

size and shape

fat, thin, tall, short, big, small, petite, large, zaftig, plump. skinny, jumbo, gigantic, enormous, miniscule, microscopic, macroscopic , muscular, bony, in-shape, toned, tiny 



Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Egyptian, Roman, Caribbean, aboriginal, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, South African, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Native-American, African-American, indigenous  



loud, soft, quiet, audible, inaudible, deafening, ear-shattering, blaring 



sweet, salty, sour, savory, creamy, acidic, crusty, smooth , buttery, nutty, fruity, starchy, meatless, dairy, vegetarian, vegan, fatty, low-calorie, low-fat, chocolate, vanilla, fishy,  meaty, fruity, hot, spicy, bland, tart, umamy  







red, purple, turquoise, amber, black, white, gray, cream, egg-shell, scarlet, emerald, navy, golden, yellow, crimson, sapphire, beige, camel, bronze, silver, robin's egg blue, sky blue, pink, neon, royal blue, purple  


description of loci

sandy, muddy, wet, dry, smooth, rough, sticky, slippery, steep, gradual, flat, mountainous, hilly, forested, desert, eastern, western, southern, northern, polar, tropical, rocky, arid, flooded, rocky